Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What a Fantasy Week!!!!!

Alright!!!! What a week!!! I had been waiting for a week like this for a while.

In my first private league, I ended up holding on with the help of Donald Driver and a bad day by Ray Rice. I ended up winning 116-104. That takes me to 7-6 in that league and I am solidly in second place. Best part?? I should have secured a playoff spot with the win. The best that the guy in fifth can get to is 6-7-1...so I should be locked for the playoffs.

In my second private league, with MY team I got yet another win. I wish I could have gotten a few more in the middle of the season. I held on for an 85-81 win, bringing my record to 6-7 and finishing the season with a 3 game winning streak. Even so, I will miss the playoffs with that team. I finished strong, though, which is okay in my book. I will finish 6-7.

My OTHER team in that league lost today. However, due to the other things that happened in the league, I secured a playoff spot with an 8-5 record. I've been inconsistent the last few weeks, but I also played a couple of the top teams in that span. I secured the third overall seed in the playoffs, which is pretty good. The playoffs in that league start next week.

In my first public league, I got a win to break my four game losing skid. I climb to 7-6, and maintain my fifth place position. I need a win next week, a loss by the guy in fourth, and I need to get about 30 more points than the guy in fourth in order to be able to make the playoffs. It's a long shot...but the good thing?? I'm actually playing the guy that is in fourth, so if I win I will get two of those three things out of the way right off the bat. The winning by 30 will be tough, though. The worst I can finish is going to be 7-7, though, so that's a successful season.

In my other public league, I had a nail biter!!! I went into the Monday Night game down by 23.26 points with Aaron Rodgers still to play. Well, when it was all said and done, Rodgers has gotten me 23.52 points...that's right, .26 points more than I needed for the win. I ended up winning the game 104.92-104.66. That takes me to 10-3 in that league, and solidly in first place. It was a close one, and barring any stat corrections I should come out with the win. I don't think there will be any stat corrections, because there was already a small one in the Monday Night game so I think I'll be good to go.

So that means that I went 4-1 this week...which puts me at a season total of 38-27, which is pretty good. I will have at least two teams with winning records, and at worst can have two teams with .500 records. I will only end up with one team with a losing record, and that is one game under .500. I have secured playoff spots in three of the five leagues and I'm still alive in the other league.

To top all of this off, the Packers won tonight which gained me another five points in my Pick'em league. The guy in second had the Ravens, so after this week I will have a 17 point lead. That will be the first point change in nearly three weeks in that league.

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