Saturday, December 12, 2009

Las Vegas, Lance Burton, and Carnival Games...

Lance Burton is my favorite magician. I've liked him ever since I was young when I saw a special starring him on TV. I've been to Vegas twice in the last 15 months, and BOTH times that I was there I wanted to see Lance perform at the Monte Carlo hotel. However, both times that we were there, somehow, he was on a break from performing and wasn't going to be there.

So I checked his website out for our trip in February, and of course there are no shows listed while we'll be there. I was a bit disappointed as I really want to see his show, so I contacted his web site to check to see if maybe the tickets just hadn't gone on sale yet. Luckily, they got back with me and said that Lance would be having standard performances all through February, but not all tickets for that month had gone on sale yet. So it looks like I'll finally be able to go and see him!!!

Also, I don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but when Cathy and I went to Niagara Falls a few summers ago we had a TON of fun at "The Great Canadian Midway," which is a collection of carnival type games in a giant building right down near the falls. We really liked playing the games and winning us it was almost like gambling but with a more certain payout.

Well, after looking around the web I found out that Circus Circus Hotel and Casino have a pretty spectacular indoor midway at their hotel. So we decided that one of the days we are there we are going to make our way down to Circus Circus and have some fun at their midway.

I really can't believe that I hadn't thought that they would have one before. I guess it just kind of slipped my mind that they were down there at all. They are so far down the strip that it's pretty easy to forget that they are there.

Either way, we're coming up with some things to do that are different than what we've done the last two it's beginning to seem like it's going to be a full trip again...instead of just resting and relaxing!! However, I WILL be gambling a bit more this time...I'm a sports nut and the Winter Olympics will be on while we're there, so I'll be having some fun with that!!

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