Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beach Cruiser Update 8...

Just wanted to make a quick note.

I contacted the guy that makes the wooden fenders and he let me know what I need to get to be able to reseal the wood where I had to trim it to fit. He also told me that small scratches should easily be taken care of with some car wax, so I'll be hitting the store on my days off to get the stuff necessary for it and then putting it on when I get a chance.

I also asked him about a possible custom made piece that would go from the crank to the top of where the back fender is mounted. Basically, it would go in the spot where the fender normally is, but allow it to stay in it's street sweeper effectively the entire back wheel would be covered by fender, which I think would look really awesome.

He asked me to take a couple of pictures and get a few measurements and then he could get back to me to let me know how much a piece like that would cost.

I think the bike looks great with the fenders. I got to see it in the daylight today and it just looks so unique now. I've never seen a bike with wooden fenders...but then again, I've never seen a bike with cream wheels and tires, either. So those two really unique facts make the bike pretty amazing, in my opinion.

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