Sunday, April 3, 2011

Been Doing Some Tweaking...

So I've been tinkering with the R2-D2 a little bit.

I ended up installing a new launcher, Launcher Pro, and that made the phone quite a bit smoother. It took away the seven home screens that came with the stock launcher and cut that to three, which is alright.

I've always been a minimalist when it comes to icons and shortcuts. I HATE having a cluttered user interface. My computer has like 5 icons on it's desktop, my tablet has four, and my phone has about 8...including the ones for the dialer and the contacts AND the one for the app drawer.

So after getting Launcher Pro installed, I then tweaked it even more and cut myself down to only one home screen. Everything on the phone runs a bit snappier now. It's just quicker to get everything to load.

On top of that, I installed a Memory Manager. I know that 2.2 FroYo is supposed to be pretty good at allocating it's memory, but Auto Memory Manager has worked great on my tablet, so I figure I'll give it a shot on the phone.

Now that I've got it streamlined I enjoy the phone even more than I did before. Sure, I lost some of the cool graphic properties of the old launcher...mainly the App Drawer and the little icons showing you which page of the homescreen you were on were cooler on the stock launcher than this new launcher, but I'll take functionality over some cool looking designs any day.

I'm still really enjoying this phone...and I find a cool App for it all the time now. I've been downloading the free one on Amazon pretty much every day, if for nothing other than it gives me a chance to add to my review count. Plus, I figure, with the free apps you never know when one of them might come in handy, and then since you've already "bought" it, you can just download it to the phone (or the tablet) for free!!!

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