Friday, April 1, 2011

A Huge March...

So March was a pretty huge month for me on my blog. I posted a TON.

A lot of that had to do with the Beach Cruiser. I still have a couple of things left that I'm interested in doing to that bike, so I may still get some posts out of it yet.

April is going to be a nice month. My birthday is about a week away now, and hopefully the weather will start getting quite a bit nicer.

I took my bike to my dad's friend Jayson to have him look at it and make sure I put it together correctly. I also took my friend Angel's bike over there for a tune up. We're hoping to get some trail riding done this coming summer, along with Cathy and another friend of our's, Scott.

I'm really just looking forward to the weather getting nicer. I've gotten quite fed up with the cold and nasty weather...and go figure, it's supposed to snow one last time tonight. Hopefully it gives us a tad bit of snow then goes away for the season.

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