Friday, April 8, 2011

Getting My New Mountain Bike Back..

Last week I dropped my Diamondback off at my father's work. He works with a guy that really knows his way around bikes. I wanted Jayson to have a look at it so that he could make sure it was all put together correctly.

I will be picking the bike back up after going to my parents for my birthday tomorrow.

Jayson said the bike was really nice, and for the money a good deal at $400...but I paid $300, so I imagine he'd say it was a great deal for that.

He mentioned only two things that could be weaknesses...first are the pedals. They are just composite, which is plastic, and he said they wouldn't be very durable. I will remedy that soon because I've already found a nice set of pedals on Amazon that will work. Maybe I'll use some of my money that I still have left over from Christmas to get them.

Second is the front fork. He said for really hard riding, it probably wouldn't really be up to the task...but that's okay for now, because I probably am a good long time away from being able to ride the bike very hard.

When it comes time to upgrade the fork, I will definitely get something nice...but for now, I think the bike is great. Jayson seemed to think it had nice components and was a good product, and he works in a bike shop part time as well as working with my dad, so if he says it's nice, there's a good chance it is.

Now that I'm getting it back, all I need is a week or two with no rain so I can get it out on the trails!!

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