Monday, April 11, 2011

Surround Sound...

Back on March 25th, I posted a bit about getting an App for my phone that allowed me to tune my surround sound system.

I've been paying close attention to the setup since then, and I have to say that I am more impressed with my surround sound than I ever have been before.

I never knew how low I had my rear speakers set up. I had them to the point where you could barely hear them, and that was way too low of volume for them. With them setup correctly, things sound so much better.

When something gets thrown "towards the screen" in a movie, you can noticeably hear it fly "past" you now. Like tonight I was watching Pixar's "Up," and the old man threw a piece of chocolate at the screen and when it flew past me I could clearly hear the leaves rustling behind me. The bird, Kevin, then chased it and you could make out all kinds of great sound effects from behind you.

On top of that, now whenever music kicks in during a scene, you are literally enveloped in sound. It's really awesome to be able to actually feel the music coming from all around you.

I'm really impressed with how awesome my entire entertainment system is setup now. The sound and video are just amazing. Good stuff.

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