Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fun Day with Jason...

Jason came down today, and we had a good time.

He got down here and let me know that he had taken his mountain bike in for a tuneup, and found out it was broken beyond repair. It had a crack in the frame that wasn't going to be able to be fixed, so he had looked at some new bikes. He found a few but nothing that really struck his eye. He then told me that he went to another shop in Lansing and they didn't have anything.

So the first thing we did was head down to the local bike shop here. About 20 minutes (and nearly $1,000) later, Jason had picked out his new bike. It needed something replaced to fit him, so we headed to the Toy House to look around at the awesome toy store while we waited. After that we went back to pick the bike up. It's a Gary Fisher 29er...pretty nice bike.

We got it loaded into his truck and then hit the park where we road the longboards around the trail twice. It was a blast. Definitely tiring, especially considering I haven't been really active this past winter. He crashed a couple of times, and almost took me out...after looking at his board, he decided he wanted to get some bigger wheels like the 76mm wheels that I have. I'm sure he'll be ordering them soon.

We then headed to Ella Sharp park so I could show him where the mountain bike trails that we will be riding are. I showed him around Jackson a bit while we were doing these errands.

Then we headed back to the house to pick Cathy up. We went to Klavon's for some pizza and watched the first period of the Red Wings game. We then came home and watched the rest of the game before he called it a night and headed home.

Definitely a good time. I'm sure he'll be coming back some other time to do some more boarding, and I told him that I should head up his way to do some boarding one day too.

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