Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Cleaning...

Tonight Cathy and I got some more cleaning done.

We cleaned up and arranged stuff in the kitchen areas so that it doesn't look like we just throw things all over the place in there.

It looks quite a bit nicer now. I am probably going to get a power strip so that we can plug all of our little gadgets into the same basic spot. That should help clear up any more clutter that is still there.

We also bought a new rack for inside the shower because our old one was getting pretty rusty. The new one looks really great. We paid for it by returning $30 worth of pop cans... which helped clean up the garage.

So far the approach of cleaning up some small items every week has been working well. Next week I think I will finish the living room and maybe try to start on the office. As I've said before... if i can get the office clean, then the formal dining room gets clean as well because all the puppet stuff moves to the office.

Cleaning up slowly also helps to not make it seem like a major chore. Hopefully in a month or two we'll be all set. My parents are having a garage sale in June, and hopefully we can have some stuff in it.

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