Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A New Game...

Today I got a new game...and this one I'm probably actually going to play. See, I've got a bunch of "new" games that I've never played, simply because I can't seem to break way from playing "Bad Company 2" for anything more than about ten minutes.

But I've been waiting for this one since about two years ago when I finished the first one.

"Portal 2" came out today, and although I won't get to play it until tomorrow, it's definitely going to be awesome. It's getting GREAT reviews, and if it's anything at all like the first it's going to be an insanely awesome ride while it lasts.

This time there's more to do, a more fleshed out story, and a completely separate story in the co-op mode...so there's definitely a lot of things to get done in the game.

I'll get started on it sometime on Wednesday...it's gonna be great.

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