Thursday, April 21, 2011

Keep on Skating...

Well, it's the only series of the first round that ended in four games...and it just so happened to be the Red Wings that pulled it off.

Tonight was game four, and they finished the Coyotes off with a strong third period.

Overall, I thought the Wings played really well in this series. If they can keep this up, they stand a chance to go pretty far. Up next, though, they may have that pesky Sharks team that seems to play so well against them. We'll see, though.

In related news, I'm sorry to hear that the Coyotes may have played their last game in Phoenix. I never really like the idea of a team moving to a new town. I know it's all business, but fans are loyal. True fans are, at least. And for a team to come and then just up and leave must be heart breaking. I know that if one of my local teams moved, I would be pretty upset. Fans give a lot to teams...they buy merchandise, pay ridiculous ticket prices, parking prices, and concessions prices...just for the chance to have something to cheer for. Only to watch that team leave when they feel that there are "better" fans somewhere else.

So here's to the Phoenix Coyotes. You left Winnipeg in 1996...and here we are 15 years later...getting ready to possibly go back.

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