Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thanks Mom, Dad, and Grandma....

Just a few pictures, in good light, of the Beach Cruiser with it's new fenders.

I got a flat tire today, but it was my own fault. After taking these pictures yesterday, I took the bike out for it's first "real" ride. I pumped the tires up quite a bit more than they had been before, and I'm guessing that I put a small puncture in the tube. See, I forgot to put rim tape on the inside of the wheels when I put the tires on, so the screws that hold the spokes in place were just exposed. With only 22 pounds of pressure in the tires it probably wasn't a very big deal...but with 40 pounds in it like I pumped it up to yesterday, I'm pretty sure that the exposed screws put a tiny cut in the tube, causing it to slowly go flat. No big deal. I've got two extra tubes laying around, and I've got some rim tape on the in a couple of days, it should be good to go again.

I also have been in contact with Cody that makes the fenders, and I'll be ordering the extra piece in the next few days. It should end up arriving soon and it's going to cost me $32 total including the shipping.

One last piece I will be ordering is a license plate. I found a guy on Ebay that custom makes them with any state and up to 17 letters on two different lines. I'm thinking of going with Hawaii as the state and "NoBeach" on one line, and "NoProblem" on the other line. Should look pretty cool, I think.

Now, on to some pictures...

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