Friday, June 26, 2009

Getting Geared Up for Vegas...

So I know it's still a few months off, but I've been getting ready for the trip to Vegas by purchasing some things that I wished I had while I was there last time, or that I think will be nice to have while I'm there this time.

The first item is what is essentially a "man purse." But I won't call it that, of course. I'll call it my tech bag. See, when we were in Vegas before I just kept my digital camera in one of the cargo pockets on my shorts and my camcorder in the other. This was okay, but definitely not ideal, as they banged into my knees every time I walked. I don't have the most expensive equipment, so I figure that them banging into me isn't the best thing for them. Also, when it's really hot out, for some reason having my wallet and my phone in my pockets makes me really uncomfortable. So basically, this tech bag is going to be for holding my cameras, my phone, and my wallet. I'll also use it to hold the handfuls of cash that I win while playing Casino War. It's a nice bag, and it really doesn't look like a purse at all. It looks like a camera bag of sorts, only a bit taller. It's actually marketed by Swiss Gear as a "vertical boarding bag" for travellers. So it's got all kinds of pockets and hooks and stuff on the inside. I figure that I'll outfit mine with a carabiner of some sort and hook a water bottle to it as well. This is what the bag looks like, from Target at $20.

The second item that I will be ordering soon is something else that will fit in the bag...but doesn't normally go in the bag. I am pretty white these days. What with working in a building with no windows and never going outside, I tend to get sun burned fairly easily. I also am really not a very big fan of sunscreen, either. I just don't like the way it feels. So I figured if I was going to be walking around outside in the sun in Las Vegas while it's 97 degrees outside, I should find a good hat to wear. Not a baseball hat, because I need it to cover my ears. Nothing is worse than sun burned ears.

So I set out on a search to find a hat that would cover my ears but not look TOO ridiculous. Mind you, this is about function not form, so I don't mind looking a bit like Indiana Jones or something.

Well, what I found is a hat by a company called Barmah. They are in Australia and make hats for people that spend time in the outback. Think Crocodile Dundee. The hat is made out of kangaroo leather, is waterproof, and is fitted. It's designed to keep the sun off your ears, neck, and face while keeping you cool and if it starts to rain, it will keep that off of you as well. I have sent an e-mail to a company selling them here in the states to get clarification on which size I should order, but I will be ordering it up pretty soon.

So these are a couple of the things I've gotten to hopefully make the trip this fall when it's really hot more comfortable and enjoyable for me. I'm sure I'll find some other things to get before we leave, too!!

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