Monday, June 15, 2009

I Love Riding the Scooter...

So tonight I just grabbed the Champ and went out cruising around the neighborhood. After a few minutes it dawned one...I love riding the thing. It's simple and easy to ride. No shifting and no clutch means you can just kinda enjoy what you're doing.

It's not nearly as much work as riding a motorcycle, but it's just about as fun at the same type of speeds.

I enjoy riding it so much that I would consider buying a larger maxi-scooter at a later date to use as a primary motorcycle. Something like a Kymco Xciting 500i. That's a 500cc maxi-scooter. It's big and fast enough to easily travel on the highway, yet the fact that it's a scooter means you're more protected from the wind and weather AND it's got an automatic transmission. Not only do I think that a big maxi-scooter would be comfortable and user friendly, I actually think it's not too shabby looking. Yah, it's not as cool as a sportbike, but in it's own quirky way I think it's really cool looking. They make one in an orange color that's just awesome.

They aren't too horribly priced, either, for a brand new one. They run about $6k for a brand new one, and they come with a 24 month warranty which is very good for a two wheeled vehicle.

I guess the ease of riding the scooter around has made me realize how much more fun I have when I'm just enjoying the ride instead of worrying about when to shift or what gear I should be in. As a contrast to the Champ, I took the Ninja out for a spin right after I was done with the Champ ride. Where the Champ just started and went, the Ninja needed constant shifting and clutch work. The Champ cruises around a 25 mph at barely a whisper, the Ninja sounds like it's just NEEDING more. Obviously, a motorcycle isn't really designed to be run at 25 mph constantly, but for that type of riding the scooter was definitely more fun.

Like I've always said, I don't think I could ever get rid of the Ninja...but a maxi-scooter might be the perfect thing to complement it at some point in time!!!

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Rob said...

It's all about The Ride not the form of transport which gets you to that conscious place. May your scooter live long and prosper!!!