Saturday, June 20, 2009

Some New Game Stuff...

So I've been continuing to play "Red Faction" online with a few new friends when I'm playing games most of the time. However, I've also got a new game and found something on Xbox LIVE! that is pretty cool.

The new game is "Ghostbusters." In case you don't know, Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis wrote this game's script as if it were the third movie in the series. That really shows through in the dialogue and settings of the game. It's classic "Ghostbusters" one liners and humor, along with action and a bit of suspense. The game is really cool, especially as a single player experience. I haven't tried the multiplayer options yet, mainly because like I said, if I'm going to play with some other people online I'm going to kill a bunch of people in "Red Faction." But when those friends in that game aren't online, I've been really enjoying my time with "Ghostbusters."
The other thing I found on Xbox LIVE! that seemed really cool is the Beta for "1 vs 100." It's an Xbox version of the TV gameshow that you play as your avatar that you have created for the Xbox. I played a round of it tonight, and it's pretty fun. Seems like it could be something that easily ends up taking away several hours of your time, as I played for 30 minutes and didn't feel like I had played at all. It's pretty entertaining. The cool part is if you get chosen to be "The One" in one of the live games, you can win some pretty cool prizes. Also, for every answer you get correct, you get entered into a drawing for some prizes.

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