Sunday, June 14, 2009

Got the Hotel Reserved...

So the other night we ended up getting the hotel room reserved.

We ended up going for the four nights instead of just the three. With Cathy's AAA discount, it just seemed like a better idea to go for the fourth night. All four nights ended up costing right around a total of $300 which doesn't seem very bad at all.

We're having some issues finding a good option for the flight, however. There are quite a few for right around $300 round trip but that seems like more than it should cost. So we haven't booked a flight yet while we continue to look for a good price on a flight.

We'll be going from September 7th until September 11th. That Monday is Labor Day. The nice thing about doing it that way is that we have Monday, Thursday, and Friday off. So that's three of the five days off. Well, Monday is also the holiday so we can use holiday leave on Tuesday. All this means that we'll be able to take the entire 5 day trip for a total of 10 hours of leave time.

All in all, so far the trip is coming together pretty well. It should be a nice time to go because there probably won't be a ton of people there. The weather should also be pretty warm. Warmer than last time.

I'm looking forward to the trip!! If only it could be September right now!!!

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