Monday, June 1, 2009

My First Fully Edited Video...

So I posted the video of the sharks that I got in Las Vegas a few days ago.

Since then I've been messing around with some simple video editing software and some conversion software. Our digital camcorder takes videos in a .mov format. Unfortunately, I couldn't find many editing programs that worked with .mov, so I was left needing to convert the files to something else like .avi or something. So I grabbed a quick and easy program called "Imtoo .mov Converter." I paid the $30 for the licensing fee and went to work.

Got the video converted then threw it into Windows Movie Maker to add the music, the title graphics, the credits, and the fades. I also cut a bit of the video out that was basically empty film.

It's too wide to post on the blog, so head over to my Youtube page and check it out!!!

Final Shark Video

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