Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hopefully It's Just the Weather...

...because over the last few days, Cathy and I have found a TON of bugs in the house. And they aren't the bugs that we normally find.

We've gotten used to finding the stray wasp or two inside the house over the last few years. For whatever reason they like the house. We kill them as we find them, and destroy their nests as we find them.

But over the last few days we've had a ton of earwigs out on the back deck...which are gross because they started to come in through the sliding glass door. When I checked it out, it was pretty dirty in the tracks for the door so I figured they were trying to eat something in I cleaned that all out. Hopefully that will make them go away.

Worse than that...we found two carpenter ants inside the house tonight. I'll be keeping an eye out for them more actively now, because from what I can tell they can do quite a bit of damage to a structure. I bought some ant killer, which probably won't work because it's not designed to kill carpenter ants, and some spray for when and if I find their nest. If we see a few more of them and can't find where they are coming from, then we're going to have to call a pest specialist and see about getting the house treated for them.

To make all of this worse, I think there's a mouse living in the crawl space. Of course, since we have the cat and the dogs constantly lurking around the house, I'm sure the mouse will stay in the crawl space for the most part...but you never know. So I'll be putting some mouse killer in the crawl space and in a few other spaces around the house in the next few days.

Hopefully the bugs are just the byproduct of the suddenly really hot weather...I really don't want to have to pay an exterminator to come out and kill some ants...but if we must, then we must...

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Doug said...

Join the club. We have buggies everywhere this year. I was attributing it to the warm winter we had and the incredibly wet spring.
We have ants too. I even went as far as to get a bag of fertilizer with bug killer in it because the yard if filled with bugs!
Hopefully I can put that down and help get rid of some of them and keep them away from the house.
If not, I'll be calling the exterminator as well.