Friday, June 19, 2009


So last night I found ANOTHER dog. This brings the total in the last 6 months or so up to three.

When I was taking Dillon and Cooper out last night I thought I saw something by the bushes in the front yard. When I came in to swap Dillon and Cooper out for Gordon, I turned around and noticed that the something that was by the bushes was now in my garage.

It was getting ready to storm pretty badly, so I'm sure that's why the dog came into the garage. I grabbed a leash and went out to hook it up so that I could keep it out of the storm. When I got out into the garage the dog was hesitant when I got near it. I ended up following the dog down the street a little ways before I realized that it was scared of the retractable leash that I was holding onto. When I set that down, the little thing came right over to me. It was a she, and she had a collar on...but of course no tag. When she came over to me I grabbed her collar and hooked her up to the leash and then took her home.

It was pretty funny when I got back to the garage, Gordon was looking at me and it took him a good 20 seconds to realize that I had a dog with me...then he went absolutely bonkers. I ended up taking the little girl through the front door and putting her in Dillon's crate for the night.

She was good all night. Didn't bark or make a sound at all. I called animal control this morning and they just came and got her about 15 minutes ago. I hope someone comes to pick her up because she was a really sweet little dog. I named her Jess for the time that she was here with us.

From my best guess, I'd say that she was part beagle and part chihuahua. Not 100% sure though. Here are a couple of pictures of her.

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