Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Little Girl Dog Picked Up From Shelter...

So yesterday Cathy and I figured we'd go to the local animal shelter and see if the little girl that I found over the weekend was still there. They had uploaded some pictures of her to their website on Sunday, so we figured we'd go see her.

When we got there we couldn't find her, so we asked. Good news!! She was picked up by her owner on Monday!! So she only had to stay in the shelter for a couple of nights. Not too bad, considering she could've been hurt or worse.

Hopefully I'll see her walking around the neighborhood sometime. I wonder if she'll remember me??

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Doug said...

Well done!

We've done this a few times ourselves, but once I did it knowing exactly who the dog belonged to.

You see, they just did not take proper care of their dog and it was always Always getting out.

So after way too many times walking the dog back (about 1/2 a mile or so from my house) I finally just called the pound hoping they would get the message.

I had to do this twice. It seems to have worked. He does not get out nearly so much anymore.