Thursday, June 18, 2009

Haven't Been Posting as Much...

So I've cut back on posting on the blog a bit. There simply hasn't been much going on lately that really needs to be posted about.

Tomorrow we're going to a wedding. We had wanted to stay the night at the cottage but we can't get any time off on Saturday. It's really getting to be a pain at work on Saturdays. Our shift is so short staffed because they gave so many people Saturday off every week that you pretty much can't get any leave on a Saturday. It's really quite annoying. But we'll be going to the wedding anyways, we may just have to leave a little bit earlier than we had originally planned.

With that said, I think sometime in the next week or two we'll be taking a couple of days off. We haven't had a ton of time off lately, and I think I'm ready for a few days off of work. I figure maybe we'll take two days off, and that will give us a total of five days off in a row, which will be pretty nice. It will be kinda like a mini-vacation!!

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