Friday, June 12, 2009

Viva, Las Vegas...

So Cathy and I are planning on going back to Las Vegas for our "one year" anniversary. I say "one year" because we have basically decided that we'll be going sometime this fall, but we're going to try and go when we can get the best deal. So we might not be going even in the month that we got married, but it's going to be considered our anniversary trip anyways.

So tonight I started looking around to see what kind of rates we can get rooms for pretty much anytime between the start of September and the end of November. We're really interested in staying at the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino. We both liked that one when we were there this past year. I have found rates for that one at the $89 mark in the middle of September. I'm thinking that might be a good time to hit the town up. School will have just gotten back in session, so there won't be a ton of families there. Labor Day will have just ended, so a lot of people will have already taken their summer vacation, but it's not nearly late enough in the year for people to be doing winter vacations.

We're planning on staying for probably three nights, so that would put the hotel right around $300 or so I would assume after some fees and such. Not too shabby, I don't think. Of course, this is their basic king size bed room...nothing fancy, no hot tubs, none of that. But I don't really think that's what we're really looking for this time around. We just want to get there and have some fun. I guess also if we go in the middle of September, maybe it will be a bit hotter there and we'll want to do some hanging around the pool...which we didn't really get a chance to do when we went last year.

Some of the other options...

I also noticed that the Mirage is the same price point. Well, about the same, at $90 per night. That's also not bad, and that's one of the other hotels that we liked while we were there. It's a cool looking hotel and seems like it's got lots of stuff inside of it.It's got a really cool looking pool complex, as well. Seems like if we don't go Planet Hollywood, this hotel would be a really good choice as well. A girl we work with, Becky, has stayed at the Mirage and said that she really enjoyed the hotel a lot. So that's good. She's our age, too.

The third option is a hotel that Cathy doesn't seem to really be interested in, but my mother says it's great. It gets good reviews most places I look. My mom says it's got a really cool pool and spa setup. The best part about it is the fact that the rooms there are cheaper than most of the other hotels. For the time I looked at for the other hotels, the rooms here go for $52 per night. So the three nights would cost us only $155 or so. That's pretty inexpensive. The hotel is the Flamingo Hotel and Casino.
I think that no matter which way we decide to go, it's going to be a good trip for a pretty good price. The three hotels here are just a few of the many there, so maybe we'll go with something completely different...but these ones are all good options.

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