Thursday, December 25, 2008


So Christmas has came and gone...and Cathy and I both got stuck working on it.

That's alright though. We had dinner with my parents and grandparents at my parents house on Wednesday. It was a good time. Both of us got some really awesome gifts. My mom must have read my mind, because literally the day before I had gone into the room where I keep the kayaks and told myself that I needed to get a good life vest pretty soon. Well, I opened a box from Dick's Sporting Goods, and I knew as soon as I saw the logo that it was a vest. She got me a really nice looking, good fitting, high end life vest for taking out with me when I kayak. It's so comfortable that I'm sure I'll WANT to wear it...which is a good thing. Cathy got a couple of really cool sock monkeys that are dressed like we were at the wedding. They're really cool looking.

I also got from my mom something that I wasn't expecting's a wood burning kit. It's basically a kit to make pictures on wood by burning the wood slightly. It seems pretty cool, and looks like it could be a lot of fun. I just hope my limited art skills will be good enough to make some interesting pictures other than the tracings it came with.

For Cathy I got her some random stuff. Her big gift was a Sirius Satellite Radio and home docking station. She likes it a lot, even though it was a bit of a pain for her to get activated. I also got her a puzzle and a board game type thing. Of course, I got her a bunch of stocking stuffers, too.

Cathy got me some really cool gifts. She got me some Lego sets to go with my castle stuff, so now I've got a TON of Lego castle stuff. She got me seasons 1 and 2 of "Robot Chicken," which is an awesome TV show. She got me some "Cubes" which are these little action figures that basically are like "workers" for a giant corporation. They are pretty mini figures from the movie "Office Space."

She also got me my model trebuchet. It's REALLY cool. I built it tonight and it works excellently. It throws the little ball of clay that it's got about 20 feet...and that's not even with all the weight that can go in it. I'm sure I can get at least another 10 feet if I work it well enough. It's really interesting and VERY cool looking. It makes me want to get more of them...or make my own from scratch. But it's a really cool gift, and I like it a lot!!! Here's a picture of it.

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