Thursday, December 4, 2008

Those Winter Hobbies...

...if you've been keeping up on my blog (that means you Cathy...and you Mom...) then you'll know that I have been trying to find something to do in my spare time during the winter.

Well, I finally got it figured out...and it's not something incredibly insane like a train set. Well, I guess it's kind of like a train set, but not quite as expensive...and by not quite I mean not nearly.

I've actually picked out two things.

The first is going to be building LEGO kits. Cathy and I both really like LEGO kits, but they are a bit pricey to just buy all the time. So I've decided that I'm going to work on getting and building "Castle" LEGO sets. I got my first Castle set the other day. It's the "Skeleton Tower" set. I'd been looking for a set that had a dragon with it for a while, and this set was the least expensive that actually came with the dragon. It's a good start for a castle setting.
It's also a good choice for a starting kit in a setup because it was midrange as far as price goes, but it seems to have a lot going for it. You get a wizard dragon keeper, the dragon, some skeletons, and a knight. Of course, there are much larger and more expensive sets that maybe I will try to eventually get...but there are also a TON of smaller and cheaper sets that will add to the collection very well.

I know, LEGOs are toys and meant for children...but so are models...and radio controlled things...and pretty much anything else that most adults consider "hobbies."

My other thing that I've been doing is something that I've dabbled in on and off for YEARS.

Magic card tricks.

I dug out my card trick books the other day and ordered a new Svengali deck. I've been showing the Svengali trick to people at work and they get a kick out of it. I haven't picked out a great trick to show with a standard deck of cards yet, but I've been working on it. I've also picked out a couple of other trick decks that I'll be ordering soon. Ebay is a godsend for things like this...the Svengali deck that I remembered buying in Myrtle Beach years ago cost me $20 or so dollars. I got it shipped from Ebay for like $8 total.

Either way, they will be good things to pass the time with...

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