Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Thank god it's Friday...that's right.

Cathy and I somehow managed to survive this week from hell at work. People were in bad moods...it was busy...nothing went as planned. Basically, it was a really horrible week at work. But we made it, and now we have two days off to recover before hopefully going back to a much more normal situation at work.

We've got a few things planned for our weekend...we've got to go to her dad's on New Year's Eve to do Christmas. We're actually going to Outback for that, so I guess it's not really to her dad's...but that's okay, I'm obsessed with Outback's bread. We also have a little bit of shopping to do. I want to go to Michael's to look at the stuff for the wood burner, and we also may go to the Toy House because Cathy saw some wood burning stuff there as well.

Cathy is planning on going to the Secretary of State to start getting her license changed, and I MAY try to put the new exhaust fan into the bathroom...but we'll see about that. I really would like to just basically sit around doing nothing important the next couple of days. I think we deserve it!!!!

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