Sunday, December 28, 2008


So the trebuchet that Cathy got me for Christmas is really cool. It's so simple in design yet so effective. As soon as I got it completed I started looking for another trebuchet kit to build...preferably one that would be a bit larger and end up getting used outside.

The idea of building the things is what appeals to me the most...but the idea of having one that fires things a long distance makes them even more appealing. I found one for a relatively good price on a website. It's called a "Floating Arm Trebuchet" or a "Guillotine Catapult." It stands 34 inches high, 18 inches long, and 7 inches wide. That's pretty small when you think about it. hurls a golf ball over 200 feet. More if you add extra weight to the guillotine.

I picture setting it up in the driveway and sending snowballs hurling at the people down the streets cars. Those people are annoying...but in reality, I would like to be able to hurl stuff into the field out back...that would be pretty awesome. I think I might try to order it pretty soon, as the quantity seems pretty limited.

This is a picture of it here.

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