Friday, December 12, 2008

Fantasy Football

So it's playoff time in Fantasy Football, and in two of my four leagues I went into the playoffs riding pretty high.

In one league I ended up with the best overall record of 11-3. I beat out the second place guy by a single game. The first three places in that league are all separated by only 17 points on the season, so any of us would give the others a pretty even match. I'm hoping to AT LEAST get past this first week in that league so I can get a trophy.

In the other league...the CBS league...the most important league to me because bragging rights are high on SBN...I went into the playoffs as the #2 seed. I had a 10-2-2 record, which is effectively 11-3 considering that ties are worth half a point each. The only guy ahead of me 11-2-1...or effectively 11.5-3.5. So he was literally a half a game ahead of me. The thing is, the division he played in had two guys that quit, and one guy that had about the worst fantasy team I've ever seen. So he basically had 6 free wins in his division. To put it another way, had he been in my division, he'd have had the least points in the division and probably ended up about 6-8. But he wasn't, so that's not a big deal. I'm really hoping to win something in that league, because that league is basically filled with guys that I "talk" to on the sportbikes message forum bragging rights are going to be pretty high.

In my other two leagues I didn't fare too well. 6-8 in one and 5-7-2 in the other. Sad thing is, in the league that I was 5-7-2 in, I actually had the third most basically, guys just seemed to have their best game against me each and every week. Oh well, there's always four teams to run again next year!!!!

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