Monday, December 29, 2008

Finished Another Wood Burning...

So I finished my second wood burning tonight. This one was more of an entire picture than the first one, and it came out pretty decent, in my opinion.

I'm still not really good at getting good consistent color when drawing one line, so I've got to work on that. I also had a bit of a hard time getting the smaller lines to differentiate themselves from each other...probably because I was using the wrong tip. But the picture turned out pretty well and I look forward to trying another one pretty soon.

I think that I will do another one fairly similar to what I did tonight, but try it with a different tip and see if the results are a little bit more what I'm going for. I got a couple of cheap pieces of wood to use at Meijer tonight, so I'll just use the other piece to try a nearly identical picture and see if the different tip makes any difference, or if it's more just me that needs to practice. Either way, the more of them I do the more practice I get, and hopefully the better I'll get.

I'm going to go to Michael's Craft store on Tuesday and get some more supplies. The pen that I got for doing the burning seems pretty nice, but I would like to have a small storage case for it. Right now I've just been setting it on the dryer in the basement to cool off overnight...but I'd like to have something a bit better to store it in. I also will buy a few different pieces of wood from Michaels, as the ones I got at Meijer seemed to be a little bit softer than what is recommended, and I'm sure that doesn't help the process very much.

Either way, I'm still pretty excited about this's fun. I've got an idea for a future project that will work with how we're planning on doing our bathroom...but we'll see...

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