Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Shopping Pretty Much Done

So I got most of my Christmas shopping done already. Not bad considering I only started it today.

I got Georgie taken care of. I got my Grandparents taken care of. I got my parents taken care of. I got Cathy pretty much taken care of. All I need now is to grab something for Keri and George...but that's still a bit dependent on if my parents are going to Phoenix or not. If they are, I might try to get them an actual gift. If they aren't, then I'll get a gift card to send to them.

I tried to get things that people will actually use, so they might not be the most creative or fun, but I'm sure that everyone will like them.

I'll get the last little bit of it done in the next week or so...that way I won't have to be looking for anything at all in those last few days before Christmas!!!

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