Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Drinking the Kool-Aid...

In the United States we've come to use the term "Drinking the Kool-Aid" when someone really buys into something for some reason or another.

I realized something recently about myself, and the Kool-Aid that I in fact drink.

What Kool-Aid flavor is it?? It's Google.

Yup, I drink the Google Kool-Aid.

For as long as I can remember...probably close to 10 years now...Google has been the homepage that I have set on EVERY computer that I have owned.

When Gmail came around, I got an account as soon as I possibly could, and to this day it's still my primary e-mail address. I've been using it for over four years now, as I got an invitation to it before it was released for the public.

I have an Android powered phone, which is Google's mobile operating system.

My Archos A7o Internet Tablet runs on Android.

I'm wanting to upgrade my tablet to a Motorola Xoom or Acer A500, which both use Android Honeycomb, Google's tablet specific operating system.

Recently I have been using Google's Chrome browser as my primary internet browser on my laptop.

So basically, everything that I possibly can uses Google in some form or another.

I don't know how exactly I got to this point...but I realized it the other day when I opened Chrome and it went to Google.

I guess if you're going to buy into a company hook, line, and'd probably be able to find much worse companies than Google...right??

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