Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Getting the Circuit Ready for Upgrades...

Today I had Cathy help me do some "benchmark" testing on the stock ElectrixRC Circuit truck so that I can get a good grasp on what exactly the upgrades that I'm getting will do for the truck.

What I did was mark of an area that was exactly 100 feet long. I then did a couple of runs of that distance and had Cathy time it with a stopwatch. After getting an average for the times, I was able to convert that distance over time equation to miles per hour.

It ended up being 15.49 MPH for the average speed, but the car is probably a little bit faster than that because the spot I was testing on was actually uphill. So if it were flat, I'd guess another 1.5 MPH or so.

But that doesn't matter, because as long as I use the same parameters when testing with the upgrades, I should still be able to easily see what the upgrades actually do for the car.

What I'm thinking is that when the motor comes, I will throw that in and instantly do the same test to see what the motor ONLY does for the car. After that, I will put the stock motor back in and use the LiPo batteries and see what ONLY the batteries do for the car. I'm guessing that both the batteries AND the motor will provide about the same performance upgrade...basically, the LiPo batteries OR the upgraded motor would be about the same as each other. But together, I'm guessing that I'll see quite a significant speed increase.

I'm also following very closely a thread on a message board where a guy claims he has found metal gears that will work for the Circuit. If he has indeed found them, then I will be buying them and putting a brushless motor system into the Circuit, which should get me up into the 45 MPH or more range.

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