Thursday, May 26, 2011

Some Randomness...

Weather--Well, it literally poured rain today. Our drain in the front yard was having trouble keeping up, and the entire neighborhood seems like it was water logged. Quite a few yards had several inches of standing water in them. Luckily it was nice out on Tuesday, so I was able to get the lawn mowed and actually cleared out some bushes and weeds in front of the deck. It still needs to be "landscaped," but it looks quite a bit better now.

RC Truck--I've been talking quite a bit with the guy that I bought the charger from. I ended up buying a battery from him as well for a good price, and he hooked me up with a site that has GREAT deals on more batteries. I'll probably be ordering two 7 cell batteries soon. Those will not only have great run times, but they also will have more voltage which should make the car a little bit faster. I had been planning on getting the upgraded motor this week, but it's out of stock. It should be back in early June, so I'll get one as soon as it's back in stock.

Music--A while back I ordered Lady Gaga's new CD "Born this Way" from Target's website. I ordered it there because it came with a free download of the original single from the album. It came in the mail on Monday, which was the release date, and I think the album is pretty good. But here's the bummer...the day it released it was for sale as a download on Amazon for 99 cents. Yup, the entire album was less than a buck. Granted, I got the special edition, but I would've gladly paid only 99 cents for the thing. Also, to add on to that, when Cathy bought her new phone today Best Buy had a sale where they were giving away a copy of the CD with any new phone. So not only did I spend nearly $20 on the CD and then see it for less than a buck, less than a week later we got the CD for free. Oh well.

That's about it. Just some random nothingness that I didn't think warranted several posts on their own, so I threw them all into one!!!

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