Monday, May 16, 2011

RC Car...

I have always liked radio controlled things.

I even had a really nice RC airplane at one point in time. It was a gas powered one with a really nice radio and everything. I never even flew it, though, because I was always scared that I was going to crash it. So I had it for about six months and then just sold it on Ebay for about what I had bought it I didn't really loose out on anything.

Ever since then, I've owned cheap little RC things...but I always liked the bigger trucks and cars. However, I always felt that it wasn't really a good way to spend any money because I didn't know anyone else that had them, and I figured I'd get bored relatively quickly just driving it around by myself, so I never ended up buying one.

Then a few months back my buddy Jason and I were talking about what he was going to do with his Christmas bonus, and he said he was going to buy a nice RC car. I told him that I had always wanted one but never had anyone to race with, and that if he got one I'd consider getting one.

Well, he got a pretty nice Traxxas Slash a couple of weeks ago. So I started looking.

I still don't really want to spend a ton of money, but to get about anything that's going to be upgradeable, repairable, and actually fun it gets up around $200.

So that's what I set my limit at...$200. I've been looking around the net and reading reviews and everything for a good while this afternoon and evening, and I think I found the truck that I want to go with.

It's by a relatively small company called Redcat Racing, but everywhere you look on the web they get pretty good reviews. They also have a good warranty and replacement parts are available for purchase on their website. The parts can also be upgraded if you wanted to spend more money to make it faster or handle better.

The best part is it's actually got pretty good components for the money. The total is about $195 with free shipping and the components that it has are found in trucks that are more in the $300 range. So basically it's a pretty good truck for the money.

I'm thinking that I might order one up pretty soon and get to bashing around in the yard with it.

Here's what the truck looks like in blue, which seems to be about the only color that I can find. There's also red, but it must be more popular because it's pretty tough to find.

It's called a Caldera10e and it's a 1/10th scale truck, so it's nearly two feet long. It's top speed should be up around 30-40 should be a blast!!

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