Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stuff for the Circuit...

I've got a few things on the way for the Electrix Circuit.

First off is a new battery. It's a 3800 mah battery, so it should give me at least twice as much run time as the current battery that I've got. That means I should get right around 30 minutes of run time. I will probably end up ordering at least one more of these, because I found them for a GREAT deal on Amazon.

Next is a new battery charger from Traxxas. I bought it from a guy on, which is a message forum for RC stuff. It's a nice charger that charges at 4 volts and has peak detection software in it. What that means is that it charges the batteries quickly AND to 100% without damaging them. The current charger I have charges at 300 milivolts, which means it takes six hours to charge my 1800mah battery, and would take nearly 13 hours to charge the 3800 battery. The peak charger should charge the 3800 in about an hour, and the 1800 in about 30 minutes or so. Obviously that's quite a bit faster. This is the charger here.

Both of these things were really good deals. I now have a nice charger that will last me a good long while and a second battery. I should get nearly 45 minutes of run time out of the car now, which is pretty good.

Next thing I order might be the upgrade motor from Electrix. Costs $15 and should be quite a bit quicker than the one that came in the truck.

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