Saturday, May 28, 2011

More RC Truck Awesomeness...

Well, I bought that Traxxas charger from a guy named Dane and got it in the mail the other day. It works great.

Here's the problem. The two batteries that I wanted to buy, some 8.4v 5100mah Ni-MH packs, were going to cost me nearly $60 shipped.

The place I was going to order them from had the LiPo batteries on sale this weekend for dirt cheap. So, to get two LiPo batteries would have only cost me $35...but I would need a new charger for them, which cost another $60.

So what do you do when you just bought a charger and a battery and find a great deal on an upgraded battery set and charger?? offer the charger and batteries you just got to your friend that just bought a truck with no battery or charger for exactly what you paid for it.

Alex is going to buy my charger and battery from me for $50, and I went ahead and ordered the awesome LiPo set for $100. So that's a total expenditure of $50...which is actually $10 less than what I was going to spend on the Ni-MH batteries...but it gets me into a much better battery setup and an absolutely AWESOME battery charger.

The charger has all the stuff you could ever want...including the ability to plug it into your PC and monitor just about every possible statistic of the battery.

Here's the charger here...

The batteries are Gens ace 2s LiPo packs in hard sided cases. Pretty nice batteries and should work great in the Circuit.

Next up will be a possible upgrade in motors. I'm looking at a couple of faster motors, including one entirely new setup that will be less maintenance in the long run, but might be a bit too fast for the transmission setup on the car.

Here's a quick picture of the car with the Associated body that I got from my coworker Mike for $5. I don't like it quite as much as the stock battery, but for $5 it will work if the stock body gets destroyed in a crash.

Of course, it's been raining nonstop this week, so I haven't gotten a chance to drive the truck in a few days. Oh well, it's supposed to be nice this weekend for me!!!

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