Thursday, May 12, 2011

New Seat for the Bianchi...

About the only thing, other than a fresh coat of paint, that the Bianchi still needs is a new seat.

The one that is on there is falling apart, literally. The leather cover has come unglued or unstapled or something and is constantly coming off of the bike. The foam underneath it is also very warn. It's also a fairly heavy seat.

I'll be ordering this eat for it in the next few days, and then the Bianchi will be pretty much done until this fall when I tear it all apart and work on painting it.
I'm thinking of going with a bright orange color when I paint the bike this fall. Something that's really bright and noticeable. At that point in time, I'll probably replace a few other parts on it like grips and the chain with some other really bright color, like yellow. I am thinking of going with yellow as the "trim" color on the bike because you can get tires in yellow, so that would look great with all the yellow stuff on the orange frame.

Of course, if I decide to go a bit more subdued with the color, and leave the black parts in place, I would probably go with a light blue color for the frame...something like a Tarheel blue.

Either way, the seat will be the last piece of the puzzle for the time being. The nicest part about it will be it's weight. It should weigh significantly less than the seat on the bike now. I've already got the bike down to 22 pounds, and if I can save some weight with the seat I'm thinking I can get it down to 21 pounds. Then maybe another upgrade here and there over the summer like a new chainring and a new seat post and I should have it down to about 19 pounds...a featherweight compared to what it was just a week ago!!!

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