Saturday, May 7, 2011

Got the Single Speed Out...

...and took a nice ride tonight.

I have to's a TON of work, but it's great.

I added the SPD pedals to it tonight and they work flawlessly on the Bianchi. A great addition.

I ended up riding nearly 6 total miles according to Google Maps. It took me about 30 minutes, give or take, and when I was done I felt like I had gotten a pretty good workout.

I cut the ride a bit short because although it didn't rain, it sure seemed like it was going to. I wanted to make it home before it started.

Overall, I had a lot of fun riding the bike. I'm going to start taking it different places when I go for rides...that way I won't get bored riding the same route every time I go out.

I'm hoping to keep up the riding so that I can get in a bit better shape to get out on the Diamondback sometime this month...

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