Friday, May 13, 2011

It Was an Epic Series...

Well, the Red Wings bid to move on to the next round came to an end...after coming all the way back from down 3-0 in the series, they lost in game seven by one goal.

It was a fitting end to the series. For the first time ever a seven game series had six games decided by one goal. The only game that wasn't decided by one goal was game six, which the Wings added an empty net goal at the end for a 2 goal win.

Really, either team could have won the series. The Sharks won two games in overtime, and both goals were actually tipped in off of Red Wings' sticks.

This is the first time in several seasons that I haven't been disappointed with the playoff exit, though. Coming back from down 3-0 to force a game seven has only happened a few times in major sports that's something to be proud of.

On top of that, the Wings never gave up. They fought till the very end of game seven and even had a pretty good scoring opportunity near the end.

I've got to give it up for the Sharks. They played well and moved on. Now we'll see how they fare against Vancouver.

And a way, we still have the Wings in the playoffs. Steve Yzerman is the manager for the Tampa Bay Lightning...and we all know that Steve Yzerman was, is, and always will be a Red Wing first and foremost.

So for that reason alone, I'm cheering for the Lightning. They have the heart of a Red Wing, and that's reason enough for me.

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