Saturday, May 21, 2011

Drove the Truck Again Tonight...

It rained this evening, and the truck isn't supposed to go out in the rain. But luckily, it was warm enough that around 10:45 I was able to go out and get some time at the controls.

I had a LOT of fun driving it around, even if it was only in the street. With the battery fully charged, I could get the truck to wheelie by going in reverse for a second that full throttle forward. It's pretty cool to see it running around on two wheels.

I got about 15-20 minutes of run time in before the battery was exhausted. Not too bad, but I will definitely be looking for a larger capacity battery. The company that makes the car sells two larger batteries, so I'll be looking into possibly getting a couple of those so that I can have more run time by swapping out some batteries. I also have found a charger online that will charge the batteries much more quickly than the one that came with the truck. That charger takes six hours to charge my small battery, and would take nearly 15 hours to charge the biggest capacity batter that they sell!! Yikes!! The quick charger should get the biggest one done in about an hour, though, so that's MUCH faster.

I've already planned some upgrades for the truck, but probably only a few any time soon. I will probably order the faster's only $15, so that's not bad, and maybe the better shocks. Other than that, I will eventually be getting a nicer radio...mainly because the one that is in there will only work for one car, and for $35 you can get a really high tech, really long range radio that can control up to ten different cars.

I also have a different body coming for it this week. A guy I work with has an extra stadium truck body he said he'd sell me for $5. Not bad, considering bodies are generally about $30 or more.

Overall, I'm still really happy with the truck and I'm definitely glad I got it. It's been a lot of fun, and I can't wait for a chance to get together with Jay and bash them around.

My other friend Alex is going to be buying a used truck from the same guy that I'm getting the body from, so he'll have one in a week or so, too. We should be able to have an awesome time with three cars going at once!!!

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