Sunday, May 29, 2011

Found the Motor...

I had been waiting for the 15 turn Dynamite motor for the Electrix Circuit to show back up in stock at the manufacturer's website pretty much since the day I bought my car.

At first, it said "Back at the end of May." Which would have been right around now.
Then the next day, it said "Back in early June." Which would mean next week or so.
Now it says "Back at end of June." Which means another month.

I was able to find a vendor online that had it in stock...and best part, it was actually a few bucks cheaper!!!

I ended up snagging one because I'd like to go with the new motor as soon as I get the LiPo batteries...just to see how much faster the truck is.

I'm still planning on eventually going to a brushless setup...but that's got to wait for a few more hop-ups to show up first.

I'm loving just learning about this truck. Driving it is even better. Too bad record rainfall in Michigan has made that difficult in the short time I've had it.

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