Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Welcome to Detroit City...

There's a song out there by Eminem and a rapper named Trick-Trick that's called "Welcome to Detroit City."

The first chorus goes like this:

"Where's my gangstas and all my thugs?
Throw them hands up and show some love
And I Welcome you to Detroit City
I said welcome to Detroit City
Every place everywhere we go
Man we deep everywhere we roll
Ask around and they all know Tricky
That's whats good man they all say Tricky"

Now, you might be wondering why I'm posting about that??

Well, they play it at Red Wings games...as a kind of way to welcome visiting teams and make them feel at home.

Just like the Wings did to the Sharks tonight.

Just a few days ago even I was ready to write the Wings off. I was sure that down 3-0 in the series that they would win game four but them give up the ghost in game five.

But instead, they surprised me by fighting back in game five, even when they were down 3-1 in the third period. They scored the next three goals and won the game to send the series back to The Joe and make sure that the Sharks got to hear that chorus a few more times.

Then they showed up for Game Six and delivered. The fans were NUTS. I very seriously considered going to the game, as when I looked before game five tickets were being sold for about $30...but then when they won game five those ticket prices all jumped by $100 to $130 for the cheap seats.

But man, I wish I would have bought them. I only watched a bit of the game...I've been trying that out, because it seems that whenever I watch the whole thing they end up not playing well, so I watched the last 10 minutes and a bit of the beginning of it. But what I do to keep up to date is set up the Archos Tablet on ESPN.com and have it on the box score with 30 second auto updates...so even though I'm not watching, I know what's going on. But the part that I did watch?? The atmosphere seemed absolutely electric.

The Wings won the game 3-1 to pull even in the series at three games each. What looked like a team that was ready to start it's summer vacation a week ago now gets a chance to go back to the Shark Tank and keep on skating this weekend against Vancouver.

I should have known not to write the Red Wings off...they've got too much talent and experience and the Sharks seem to be that team that just never quite plays up to their potential.

Now I get to look forward to Game Seven on Thursday night. Should be a good one...the previous six have been!!!

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