Thursday, October 16, 2008

Getting Ready for Winter...

So today, even though I was sick, I took it upon myself to clean the garage up a little bit. I got most of the stuff that wasn't supposed to be in there dragged into the house, and all the stuff that is supposed to be in there is organized pretty well.

I BELIEVE that we will be able to get both cars into the garage now, which will be really nice. I've not gotten to park my car inside a garage on a regular basis in...well...pretty much ever.

I've had covered parking at an apartment and a single car garage at my old house, but the work schedule made it so that there wasn't really a good time for me to get my car into the garage.

So it will be nice to keep my car out of the weather for a change.

Hopefully Cathy's Civic will fit in the garage next to my car...otherwise it will be back to the driveway with my car.

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