Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Re-Covered My Ninja's Seat Tonight.

So when I first got my 250, the seat was a little bit tattered. Nothing horrible, but it wasn't the best part about the bike. I decided to replace it with a "cowl look" cover by a company called Custom Seat Creations. When I got the cowl look cover, it didn't match the bike very well and the seat color was a bit wrong. But I decided to put it on anyways. I discovered that I wasn't very good at upholstering, and the seat cover looked pretty bad. I resolved that I would try to fix it later.
I tried cleaning it up a little bit this past week and it ended up looking quite a bit better...at least wrinkle wise. The color of course still didn't match very well. So I decided to re-work the seat with just a normal black cover.

It took quite a bit of work to get it to look right, but I'm pretty impressed with the results.
The solid black matches the bike better because black goes with everything. I think I will work on getting the lower fairing painted black sometime this winter as well. Then I'll have green and black all around...no more strange silver and mismatched seat cover. I MAY try to add a few green highlights to the seat...like maybe a "K" for the Kawasaki or something.

Either way, I think the bike looks better with the new cover.

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