Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Special and Limited Edition Video Games

So most of the time when I buy a game...if it has a special editon, or a limited edition, or an extended edition, or whatever...I buy that special edition. I don't know why. I usually end up selling games after I'm done with them anyways, but the special editions always are so appealing. For only an extra $10 or $20 usually you get some pretty cool stuff.

With that said, I've passed on a few very special editions of games recently, due to their price. There was a limited edition of "Dead Space" sold only on Electronic Arts' website for $149.99. There was also a special "Survival Edition" of "Fallout 3" sold only on for $129.99. Both of these special editions came with some really cool swag, but I passed on them because of their high price point.

Boy, was that ever a mistake. Checking around on Ebay, it seems that these games are selling for ridiculous dollar amounts. That limited "Dead Space?" Had I bought it, I could turn around and sell it on Ebay for $450 or more. That's $300 profit, if you're counting. "Survival Edition" of "Fallout 3?" $300 or so on Ebay. That's an extra $180 profit.

Maybe it's time I start paying for and pre-ordering these ultra special editions JUST to turn around and sell them...then purchase the standard game for my own use. Had I done that with "Dead Space" and "Fallout 3," I would've spent $280 for the two special editions...then sold them for $750 total. That would have been a $470 profit. Then take another $120 away from that to pay for the standard editions of the games, and that still leaves me with $350 more than what I would have initially spent.

Seems like easy money, to me.

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