Monday, October 13, 2008

Living Dead Dolls

So the Living Dead Dolls that I ordered from Sideshow Collectibles a few weeks ago finally showed up today.

They are actually pretty cool. They're dementedly creepy. I like the packaging of them, too.

The first one that I got is a boy. It's name is Pumpkin.
The second one is a girl, it's name is Eleanor.

I have a third one on the way that I got off of Ebay, and I will have a fourth one on the way after buying the Best Buy Edition of "Indiana Jones" tomorrow. This is Judas, he's the one that I have on the way from Ebay.
This is Squeak. She's the one that I'll be ordering with the gift card with the "Indiana Jones" DVD.

Looks like I may have found something new to collect...and the good thing is they actually seem to grow in value pretty quickly after their series is over.

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