Sunday, October 19, 2008

Walgreen's is Awesome.

So this nasty cold that I've got...tonight I decided to head to Walgreen's to get some Vicks and some other stuff to try and help with my stuffed up nose.

I have noticed this before, and Cathy and I always joke about it...but Walgreen's is simply awesome.

They have "store brands" of almost every single medicine you can imagine...but they all use some form of "Wal" in their name.

Ibuprofen??? Not at Walgreen' Walgreen's it's "Wal-buprofen."
Acetaminophen??? Not at Walgreen''s "Wal-minophen."
Robitussin??? No way...Wal-tussin.

I imagine that Walgreen's plans on doing this with almost every product they sell...can you imagine some of them??

Trojan condoms...Wal-doms. Sounds like some kind of candy.
Bud Light. Nope, Wal-Light. Sounds like a lighting device.
M&Ms??? Wal&Wals.
Doritoes?? Wal-toes.
Peanuts?? Wal-nuts...wait...
Walnuts??? Nut-greens...

Anyways...I find it amusing.

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