Monday, October 13, 2008


Well, it's supposed to be about 75 degrees on Tuesday. I have Tuesday off.

I have some things that I need to get mowing the lawn and a little bit of shopping...but it MIGHT just leave enough time for me to take a quick trip to one of the lakes around here to get the TK-1 out. I'm not sure though, because I don't really want to go to Clark Lake again...but that would be the only real option for a quick trip on Tuesday.

I have to go out and get a DVD set that comes out on Tuesday and I REALLY have to mow the lawn. The problem is, Wednesday, my other day off, is supposed to be really crappy outside. So I won't be able to mow on Wednesday which means that I HAVE to try and get it done on Tuesday.

More than likely I won't be able to get around to it...which is too bad because I really want to get out again. But if I can't get out, I will just continue going about getting some good little day trips planned for next spring. I still really want to hit Lake Ovid up. I'd love to see those Bald Eagles that live there.

I still also am planning on making a bit larger skeg for the TK-1 to help with it's tracking a little bit. I'm going to make it just out of wood and have it hook on to the boat with some bungee cords. I think it should work out pretty well. I'll take some pictures of it as I make it. I'll probably go to my dad's to have him help me with it, because I'd like it to be nice and smooth with rounded edges if possible...and I would imagine he has some tools that would help with that!!!

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