Friday, October 31, 2008

The Wedding!!!

Well, we got back from the wedding, and by all accounts it was quite a success!!!

The ceremony itself was quite a bit shorter than we had thought...our officiant had told us that she could stretch it out to about 15 minutes or so...I guess that meant she could stretch it out to about 7 minutes. It was literally one of the shortest wedding ceremonies that I have ever seen.

We then took a bunch of pictures which seemed to go pretty well. The photographer wasn't too bad, and his assistant seemed to be REALLY good. I'm interested to see some of the shots that she came up with. They seemed to be really interesting ideas.

We then came in for the started out pretty badly because the DJ HAD the song that we wanted to use as entrance music, but the file was corrupted so it wouldn't work. Luckily some quick work and an iPod allowed him to get the song going, and then we were good to go.

The reception was a blast. The food was pretty good, and the atmosphere was excellent. The masks all went over really well. So did the pumpkin center pieces. The DJ was awesome. His name was Matt and his company is T2. Simply awesome. Really good work on his part.

We just got back, and I'll try to post up some pictures at a later date...

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