Friday, October 3, 2008

RROD: Three Red Lights...Or Not???

So today a funny thing happened. I got an old issue of Game Informer the other day. Somehow my subscription sent me the October issue and then a week later I got the September issue. So I was reading through the September issue and on the last page of the magazine they always have some "Facts and Figures." These are generally made up things that are pretty amusing, and I ALWAYS read them.

Well, in this issue they had a "Fact and Figure" that said: "1--Number of people we met at E3 that still had their first Xbox 360."

At that point I decided I must have the only original Xbox 360 left in the world that has never been sent in for service. I got mine on February 6, 2007. So I've had it for ALMOST 20 months now.

So I laughed at that and then came downstairs to help Cathy get a video set up. She watched a few minutes and the screen froze. I told her to reset the Xbox so she got up and turned it off and back on...and OH NO!!!! Red Ring of Death!!! I had the three red lights, less than an hour after being amused at that "Fact and Figure."

So I called up Microsoft and they are sending me a box to put my Xbox into. They will then repair or replace it under warranty.

Well, in the process of getting it all set to send to Microsoft, I decided I'd take a picture of the RROD to send to Alex, a friend of mine, with the message "OH NOES!!!111!!!!11" with it. So I hooked everything back up to the 360 and turned it on to get the picture...and now it was working.

Cathy watched the video she had wanted to watch, and the 360 was on for well over an hour without any other issues.

Now I'm at a loss on what I should do. Do I send it in anyways?? Do I not??? I don't know...

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