Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's Been a LONG Day...

So Cathy's best friend Kristen Staton got married today. That's why I was at the cottage.

I've met Kristen several times and I like her. She's a nice girl with a good sense of humor. I also get along with her (now husband) Dan Heit pretty well. He seems like a cool enough guy.

But today at the wedding Cathy was the Maid of Honor, and as such that left me alone for basically the entire thing without a single person there that I knew. It wasn't the most fun thing I've ever done.

I had to get up early to take Cathy to get her hair done. That wasn't a big deal. I dropped her off then zipped back to the cottage to try and get some extra sleep, but that didn't happen. It was simply too cold in the cottage, and when it finally did heat up it seemed to turn into an oven.

I then headed back over to Holland to the wedding. I tried to sit in a seat next to a lady that looked friendly enough, but she told me that "these seats are saved" so I ended up sitting on a bench by myself. Finally these two girls that looked like hookers showed up and sat next to me...but like about 8 feet away. I felt like I had a visible disease or something that was causing people not to want to sit by me.

After the wedding I decided to head back to the cottage to try and watch a little football. Cathy was going to be doing bridal party stuff...and it was one of those weddings that has the reception like 4 days after the actual ceremony. So I had some time to kill. I got lost a bit on the way back to the cottage due to some construction. No big deal, took about 20 minutes I think to get back on track. So when I got there I watched probably about 25 minutes or so of football then decided I should probably head back for the reception because I didn't know if the construction would effect me getting there for that. It did. The 33 minute trip turned into about an hour. Lucky I left early I guess.

When I got there I had no idea that I was in the right place. The building wasn't marked very well and I basically just drove up and down the street until I saw someone that I recognized from the wedding. So I parked and went in. I was put at a table with other unfortunate "significant others of the wedding party" who had also been tricked into going to a wedding that they didn't know anyone at. I talked to a guy...I think his name was Brian...for the most part. The other girls were all relatively annoying and kind of stuck up...even though they definitely weren't good looking enough to be stuck up.

The food was awesome. I don't think I've ever had better food at a wedding. The cake also was pretty top notch. I'm not a HUGE cake least not wedding cake type stuff because I don't like mounds and mounds of frosting...but this one was really good.

The reception itself wasn't too bad. I'm not a big dancer, but I had fun watching the two people who danced to almost every song played. It was amusing.

Then the bride and groom made their exit and I thought we would be leaving shortly there after. Well, that turned into about another hour and ten minutes of just kind of standing there while Cathy was somehow forced to help put table decorations away...into a box that nobody knew where it had been put.

Then, after all of this was said and done we had a two hour drive home. It was a pretty exhausting day.

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